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Nail Extensions Chennai
Nail Extensions Chennai

Boost your style with yaksheetasri.com nail extensions, nail enhancement and nail art solutions. Our all services include gel, silk nail extensions, and specialized acrylic Chennai solutions, featuring the latest and the best in creative nail design and branded nail products available in the city. We are recognized as the best home nails spa Chennai - so get strong, beautiful nails that remain flawless for weeks on end from the best nail spa in Chennai, i.e. yaksheetasri.com.

If you have difficulty growing long, beautifully shaped nails, then nail extensions may be the perfect choice for you. Nail extensions are ideal for special occasions, such as weddings, because they add a perfectly formed nail of your desired length immediately, there is no time required for growing.

A nail extension is basically a piece of plastic, often referred to as a tip, that looks like a natural nail. The tip is made to meet the customers desired nail length and shape. A nail technician will apply a basic nail tip to your nail and then proceed to cut and file the tip to perfection. The types of nail extensions that you may receive are named by the process that is used to adhere the plastic tip to your nail bed. The three most common methods of application are acrylic, gel, and fiberglass. Additionally, an extension may also be sculpted out of acrylic without the integration of a nail tip. The acrylic is simply used as the medium of the process, and the technician becomes a sculptor and creates an amazingly realistic nail out of the acrylic.

Nail Extensions Chennai by yaksheetasri.com

Gel Nail Extensions

Gel nails are an extremely natural-looking enhancement, thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing, non-porous and they resist lifting. They can also be used for natural nail overlays to strengthen your own nails. Yaksheetasri.com is applied in an acrylic paste like form and cured under a special lamp, yaksheetasri.com is much lighter in weight than conventional acrylic nails. The ultimate long-term goal with gels is for the client to end up growing out and wearing her own long, strong, beautiful, healthy nails under the gel; so that she is no longer to be considered wearing artificial nails, but with the gel becoming essentially just a very strong, bonded base coat to protect her own nails from cracking, splitting, peeling or chipping. Yaksheetasri.com is now wearing a nail enhancement, not "fake" nails, and the enhancement need never be removed, only maintained on a regular schedule! Just as hair color is an enhancement of her natural hair, not "fake" hair, and can be maintained indefinitely.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

The original nail extension system, an advanced nail enhancement providing unparalleled strength with some flexibility. Plastic tips are applied over your own nail, then cut to size and blended in before having a layer of Acrylic placed over them. Available in natural or bright white, Acrylic Tip and overlay continues to be the most popular choice with Nail Technicians and their clients worldwide

Nail Extensions are artificial structures which are applied to the natural nails, using state of the art techniques and products, to create nails that look natural, grow with your own nails and are often much stronger than natural nails. You can dramatically transform the appearance of your nails with a set of beautiful nail Extensions. Nail biters need not fear. A technician can transform the appearance of your nails and provide you with advice on how to maintain their appearance. Acrylic originated in dentistry (where it is still used today), but was introduced as a nail enhancement in 1935. The acrylic used by nail technicians today is specifically designed for use on nails.

Fiberglass nail extensions

Fiberglass extensions utilize a fiberglass mesh or fabric that is placed on the nail and then treated with resin to make the fiberglass clear. After the application of the resin, an activator is usually sprayed to cure the resin which provides a hard finish. One of the appealing aspects of fiberglass extensions is that they are water soluble and can be removed by simply applying some water.

It is important to note that an overlay is when a person wishes to have no length added to their nail, but desires protection for the nail. For this process the nail technician will apply some type of acrylic substance over the nail, it does not have to necessarily be the two part acrylic. Gel, Fiberglass, and “Acrylic” nails all use some type of acrylic substance, even though only the two part mixed acrylic is referred to as “acrylic” nails. An overlay is more of a nail enhancement than a nail extension. However, nail extensions do fall under the category of nail enhancement. A nail sculpting is also considered extending the nail, but, this process uses no tip to elongate the nail, rather a nail is created out of various substances(sometimes an acrylic). This sculpting is truly an amazing process and can be done much faster than applying tips if done by a skilled technician.

All types of extensions should be around the same price range, 55. Gel nails should not be much more expensive than acrylic nails. Price may vary from 40-160, with prices being dependent on area of country and the audience that the salon is targeting.

Nail Extensions & Overlays description

Sometimes, what nature gave you just isn’t enough; if you want longer, sturdier nails then acrylic extensions or overlays might give you that extra oomph. There’s a whole pick’n’mix range of artificial nail treatments available. Basic acrylic tips are pre-formed shapes, which are picked to match your nail shape and glued over your existing nails. First, your natural nail has to be roughened to give the adhesive a better grip. Then, the nail is stuck on and filed down to create a smooth join. Finally, acrylic filler is used to coat the join and the entire nail. To remove the nails you soak them in acetone for about an hour.

Gel Nails can give a more natural look than acrylics and are simpler to apply. Your nails are cleaned to strip off those pesky natural oils from the surface and then the gel nails are placed on top. You then pop your fingers under a UV light to harden the gels up. It’s a quick and effective way of adding length and strength or repairing broken nails. In fact, a little too effective - the main drawback of gels is that it takes an awful lot of soaking and filing to get the blighters off again - each round of soaking and filing takes about 20 minutes and you may need to have it done several times.

Nail wraps are a way of reinforcing your nails rather than adding any length. They can also be used to scaffold weakening acrylic extensions. There are four different types of nail wrap: paper, fibreglass, silk and linen. Silk and fibreglass are the most popular because they only add a thin layer but are very sturdy. If you’re in a real SOS situation, linen wraps are the strongest and will provide your failing nail with the most support. Paper isn’t really used to wrap the whole nail, it’s just a temporary (but cheap) method of patching and repairing breaks and splits.

Sculptured nails are made of a powder and a liquid, which are mixed together to make a paste and then painted onto your nails. Having this protective acrylic shell on your natural nails means that they are less likely to break. Sculptured nails are also more flexible than other artificial nails and there’s no need to routinely remove them - you can keep filling them in at the root for as long as your nails stay healthy. It’s worth bearing in mind, that having artificial nails can starve your natural nails of oxygen and the chemicals used can weaken the nails underneath. If you choose to go extra-long, you’ll also have to re-learn to do a few things like using a keyboard or telephone. Top tip: a pencil with an eraser on the end could be your new best friend.

Nail sculpture extensions in gel or acrylic

Gel Sculpture Nails: Gel Sculpture nails are suggested for its strongness because they rarely break. Sculpture nails are done through using nail foam to extend directly from natural nail tips using gel that resembles original fingernails. It also acts as semi-permanent fingernails and especially fitted for women who have flat and wide nails that require customization. Allow frequent gel in-fill as natural nail grows out. However, gel nails need to be filed off for full removal. They can’t be soaked away.

Acrylic Sculpture Nails: Acrylic Sculpture nails are suggested for its strongest and thickest artificial nails among all. Sculpture nails are done through building up a false nail over a nail foam directly from natural nail tips. It can also acts as semi-permanent fingernails as well. Women who have flat and wide nails that require customization can choose such artificial nails as an option for its durability. Optional UV shine is available to make the acrylic nails as glossy. Acrylic nails can be filed down to achieve the most desirable nail arch shape. Allow frequent acrylic in-fill as natural nail grows out with easy removal.

3d Nails

By cleverly using a combination of Gel and Acrylic you can now have some amazing designs in 3D format. It is possible to have a complete nail in 3D or just the tip as pictured to the right which has been done using Gel and holographic foil. Prices depend on design but can be discussed with your technician.

Taking care of your nail extensions

Nail extensions need continual maintenance to look their best at all times. After having a top notch technician apply your extensions you are going to need to go back to them for rebalancing work on a consistent basis. Consistent basis translates into every two to three weeks. Your natural nail will grow under the extensions and make your nails longer. The natural nail will be exposed from the cuticle out to the beginning of the extension, and if you have white tips (aka french), the smile line(the white curve) of your natural nail, will show through. Rebalancing should cost about $30, and this needs to be done every few weeks depending on how fast your nails grow. That is why it is so important to start your nail extension process with an excellent technician, you will need to keep going back to them for rebalancing. Additionally, you must take steps at home to make sure your nails are properly maintained by keeping them moisturized and avoiding chemicals.

A good technician usually completes a rebalance by first removing any dead skin that is around your cuticle or nail sides. After this, the technician should begin to file off a good portion of the old enhancement(that is the acrylic covering the nail) with a hand file. They will then put down a new layer of gel or acrylic over the whole nail making sure to fill in the new nail growth in front of the extension and touching up the smile line to cover the natural smile line. It is important that the technician strengthen what is know as the apex of the nail. Ask them if they are doing this. If they have no idea what they are talking about, get a new technician. This is where the pink and white of the nail will merge, and as you natural nail grows, the apex will push past the point it was created on, making for a weaker nail that is susceptible to cracking.

In addition to getting a good rebalance from a technician, you should also be practicing good extension care at home. You do not want to use your nails as a tool, don’t open bottles, screw nails, pick off stickers, or open letters with your perfect, new nails. If you’ve had shorter nails in the past it may be second nature to rip something open with your nails. Don’t test the strength of your extension by attempting to open something, they will break and they will need to be redone.

Stay away from water if you can. When cleaning and doing dishes wear some rubber gloves. Also use gloves when working with any cleaning products. You don’t want chemical to be absorbed by your natural nail or the extension. If the chemical weakens the bond of the extension it will lift and cause problems. Keeping your nails properly nourished with cuticle oil is essential to keeping nails in top form. Cuticle oil will prevent nails from becoming brittle and cracking. Put it on 2-3 times a day.

Taking care of your nails

Taking good care of your nails involves looking at internal and external factors. For the purposes of this article, we will regard internal as nutrition and external as environmental components that you can usually control. Nails are made out of the protein, keratin, and their appearance will reflect what you tend to eat and your general health. If your diet is insufficient for proper health then the nails will tell you with abnormal signs. The status quo for a nail bed is pink. If your nails start to deviate from that color you should do some research to find out why they look the way they do, and consult a doctor. A nail bed can turn any color under the sun, and one color may not be indicative of only one disease in two different people. So it is essential to get blood tests from a doctor if you notice discoloration.

To keep nails looking their best, you will want to eat foods with decent levels of the B vitamins(especially B12), vitamin A, and vitamin C. Adequate amounts of protein will also prevent weak nails. Be sure to include zinc and iron in your diet along with folic acid to facilitate absorption of nutrients. One of the most common abnormalities(or perceived to be so) is white spots on nails. Many people love to look at your nails, see white spots, and embarrass you by saying you’re not getting enough calcium in your diet, as if they are a trained doctor. White spots on the nail beds are usually caused by basic nail trauma.

Trauma in this instance need not be that severe. For instance, if you hit your nail bed off the corner of a desk, and it doesn’t hurt that much, you could still get a white spot there. And it need not happen immediately, the reaction can be delayed. White strips, or a totally white nail, may be a sign of something more serious, so it is best to consult your doctor if the white persists after a long period time.

Nails can become brittle, just as skin gets dry. To help dry skin you use moisturizers. Similarly, you want to use cuticle oil on your cuticle and actual nails to keep them from becoming rigid and prone to cracking. Applying cuticle oil liberally 2-4 times a day will promote healthy nails. When cutting your nails always use sharp scissors to prevent any tearing action that results when using dull ones. Filing a nail is usually performed when finishing a manicure. Don’t file back and forth, file in one direction only, to prevent tearing. Buffing nails helps to get their blood pumping and promotes healthy growth. And of course, don’t dip your well kept nails in any water mixed with cleaning agents without gloves. Be sure to use a pair of gloves that are dry on the inside as wet gloves promote fungal growth.

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